Terms used by page composition artists/typesetters:
 bitmap font
 double page spread
 drop folio
 dumb quote
 em dash
 en dash
 em space
 en space
 fixed space
 letter spacing
 running head/foot
 style sheet
 thin space
 type 1 font
 type family
 word spacing
 x height
Unless you are familiar with these terms and know how to apply them in your software program then you would be well-advised to employ an experienced and knowledgeable typesetter/type designer. There are many pitfalls for novices. Knowledgeable people in the book industry can spot self-published or amateur books instantly. They see and note things that the uninitiated wouldn’t suspect. Regardless of how good the books message is, it may not be taken seriously by a publisher or distributor if they perceive a do-it-yourself job.