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Ronald V. Armstrong/Teaming Up for Excellence

Jack Bogasky/How to do Your Own Therapy

Eliza Bussey/Madam Wong's Guide to Men and Other Difficulties

Nancy Geyer Christopher/Right of Passage

Maria Costa/When the Vows Break

Geaton A. DeCesaris, Jr./The Big Boss

Mary Richmond Hilbert/Faith, Fun, and Family

David Hultin/An Art of Persuasion

Stanley Kimmel Kesselman/Romancing the Bible, Divine Intervention

Francis Kubitz/Damariscove Island, Hypocrites, Thread of Life

Don Petrucelle/Poetic Odyssey

Walter Merritt Pickard/The Gods Smiled

Larry D. Silver/Silver Years on the Rappahanock

Holly Stone/Upon the River

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